Paracord HAT BAND - QRS
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Everyone needs a hat band for their Real Deal hat, but don't mistake our paracord hat band from others. Our paracord and our signature Quick Release Survival tying technique can now be worn on your Real Deal Original or Floppy Hat. For the guys or the girls, we can custom make your hat band to any color in our selection. Make your one-of-a-kind Real Deal hat stand out even more as a one-of-a-kind with a personal colored paracord hat band.

This Hat Band adjusts to all hats sizes or style. Choose up to two colors rembering that if you want a solid color and one continuos length of paracord, to choose the same color for both inside and outside edge colors. The stripe color selection is for what color single tie cord you would prefer. If no color is selected for the stripe color, then a color selected from the inside or outside edge will be used.

If you ever have to deploy and use your paracord item that you purchased from GeoSurvivalGear in an emergency or survival situation, just send us back all or as many of the parts you have left along with the story of how and why you had to use it and we will replace your item absolutely FREE! If you have pictures of it being used, that would be a benefit to show how you used it.


Paracord HAT BAND - QRS

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